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September 2005
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Blair Gately, Margaret Georgiann (illustrations), Sophia Glezos Voit and Sandra Williams.

Sniffing Out Drugs

Sniffing Out Drugs
Abuse of Household Products Rising
When most people think of drug abuse, they think of illegal substances like heroin, cocaine and LSD. Would it surprise you to know that some of the most toxic substances abused by children and teens can be found in the home?

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Teen Brains: Still Under Construction
Parents Play Important Role
Contrary to what most parents have thought at least once, “teens really do have brains,” quipped Dr. Jay Giedd, an NIH research scientist, in a recent lecture on the “Teen Brain under Construction.” In fact, researchers have not only confirmed that teens have brains; they are now beginning to understand the biological basis for their sometimes peculiar behavior.

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