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July 2006
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Robert Bock, Margaret Georgiann (illustrations), John Peterson and Harrison Wein

The Complexities of Asthma

The Complexities of Asthma
Genes, Environmental Factors Both Involved
You probably know of at least one child with severe asthma. It's just more common these days. Once considered a minor ailment affecting only a few, asthma is now the most common chronic disorder in childhood, affecting an estimated 6.2 million children under the age of 18. The trend has been particularly disturbing among inner-city children. Research is now uncovering the complex mix of genes and environmental factors that cause the disease.

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Diabetes Widespread in Adults
One-Third Still Don't Know They Have It
In a new analysis of national survey data, researchers found that the prevalence of diabetes in U.S. adults is continuing to rise. And despite efforts to raise awareness of the problem, about a third of adults with diabetes still don't know they have it.

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