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June 2006
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Marian Emr, Margaret Georgiann (illustrations), Arthur Stone and
Harrison Wein

Ignore the Pain?

Ignore the Pain?
Innovative Pain Management Ideas
Two people fall and suffer seemingly similar injuries. Six months later, one has completely recovered but the other still has debilitating pain. How can different people seem to experience pain so differently? Through carefully controlled experiments using advanced brain imaging techniques, researchers are discovering that people's brains can process the same pain signals from their bodies very differently. These insights are leading to surprising new strategies for controlling pain.

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Good Vision
Millions Don't See as Well as They Could
Until now, there hasn’t been a national survey on vision since the mid-1970s.  A new report has found that although 94% of Americans 12 years old and older have good vision, the remaining 6%—14 million people—are visually impaired.  Of these, more than 11 million could improve their vision with eyeglasses or contact lenses.

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