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May 2006
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Carla Garnett, Margaret Georgiann (illustrations), Mary Sullivan and  Harrison Wein

Getting Back in Action

Getting Back in Action
Participation is Key to Recovery
Stroke.  Heart attack.  Arthritis.  Serious illness or injury often leads to a long, slow return to health.  Thoughts of making a comeback take a backseat to simple survival.  Recovery can also mean learning how to live with a disability.  Researchers supported by NIH are studying the many roads people take to recovery.  No matter where you’ve been, their findings may help you find your way back.

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Listen Up!
Coping With Hearing and Speech Problems
Did you know that almost 42 million Americans suffer from a communication disorder—a problem with their speech, voice, language or hearing?  That number includes people in all stages of life, but those most likely to be affected are the most vulnerable in our society:  older adults and the very young.  May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, and NIH’s National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) wants you to know that you can do something about communication disorders.

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