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November 2006
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Emily Carlson, Margaret Georgiann (illustrations), Kirstie Saltsman and Harrison Wein.

Of Guts and Gluten

Of Guts and Gluten
In Celiac Disease, the Two Don't Mix
What if you couldn't eat bread? Or pasta? Or cookies? What if you couldn't eat anything containing wheat, rye and barley because of gluten, a protein found in these grains? You would be among the millions of American who get gas, diarrhea and other symptoms whenever they eat foods with gluten. The condition is called celiac disease, and many people who have it don't even realize it.

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The Discoveries Behind Future Cures
Nobel Prize Honors Basic Research Breakthroughs
The Nobel Prize, which is given every year, recognizes great achievements that have improved our lives. Two of this year's prizes honor advances in basic biology that have already opened up new avenues for diagnosing and treating a host of human diseases.

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