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January 2007
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Margaret Georgiann (illustrations),
Betsy Lordan and Harrison Wein

Stressed Out?

Stressed Out?
Stress Affects Both Body and Mind
Maybe it's money trouble or the burden of caring for a sick relative. Maybe it's your job. Maybe it's the traffic. Whatever the cause, everyone seems stressed out these days. People once hotly debated the idea that stress can affect your body, but we now know that stress can cause both short- and long-term changes to your body and mind. The more we understand how stress affects us, the more we learn about how to cope better.

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Don't Let Back Pain Get You Down
Learn How to Minimize Your Risk
Before you reach for that snow shovel this winter, think first about protecting your back. When you do battle with Old Man Winter, or tackle any other kind of heavy lifting at home or on the job, do everything you can to reduce the chance of injury.

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