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May 2007
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, Ph.D., Writer/Editor
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Assistant Editor:
Vicki Contie

Vicki Contie, Margaret Georgiann (illustrations), and Harrison Wein

When Eating Goes to Extremes

When Eating Goes to Extremes
The Excesses of Eating Disorders
With summer just around the corner, we see constant reminders about getting in shape for swimsuit season. We may feel inspired to shed a few pounds, but most of us don't take these media messages too seriously. For the small minority of people with eating disorders, however, the relentless pursuit of an ideal body can have dire or even deadly consequences.

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Speak Up
Become a Partner in Your Health Care
Many people go to the doctor ready to just listen and let the doctor take the lead. But the best patient-doctor relationships are partnerships. You and your doctor can work together as a team that includes nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists and other health care providers to address your medical problems and keep you healthy.

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