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January 2008
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Assistant Editor:
Vicki Contie

Vicki Contie, Margaret Georgiann (illustrations) and Harrison Wein

Man Grocery Shopping
Watch Your Cholesterol
Why You Should Keep Your Blood Level in Check
Youíve heard that you should lower your cholesterol, but do you know why? Sometimes we tend to ignore advice when we donít understand the reasons. Thatís why itís important to learn what cholesterol is, what it does in your body and why you need to make sure too much isnít flowing in your blood.
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The Cause of Achy Jaws?
It May Be a TMJ Disorder
You need it for talking, chewing, smiling, yawning, laughing and singing. Itís the jaw jointótechnically known as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)óone of the hardest working and most complex joints in your body. You usually donít give it a second thought, and you usually donít need to. But if something goes wrong, your TMJ can cause nagging pain and limit the flexibility of your jaw. In extreme cases, the pain can be long-lasting and debilitating.
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