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March 2009
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Harrison Wein, Ph.D., Editor
Vicki Contie, Assistant Editor
National Institutes of Health
Office of Communications
and Public Liaison
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Vicki Contie, Kim DiFonzo, Bryan Ewsichek (design), Margaret Georgiann (illustrations), Harrison Wein and Susan Weiss

Cartoon of 2 young African-American men talking, one holding a basketball

A Loved One's Substance Abuse Problem
What You Can Do
Your brother has been irritable, angry and anxious. Sometimes he acts depressed. You start to suspect he may be on drugs. What can you do?
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Too Hot to Handle?
Facts About Fevers
You're achy and run down. Something's not quite right. When you finally reach for the thermometer, you find that your temperature's above normal. You have a fever-a sign that something is out of balance in your body.
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