April 2010

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Health Capsule

Life Changes After Cancer

Many people who’ve survived cancer are living longer lives, thanks to better diagnostic tests and treatments. But life after cancer can bring its own challenges. “Many cancer survivors look forward to returning to a normal life after treatment ends,” says Dr. Julia Rowland of NIH’s National Cancer Institute. “But for some, this can be a stressful period.”

If you or a loved one has survived cancer, you can learn more about what to expect in “Life after Cancer,” the newest topic added to the NIHSeniorHealth web site for older adults. The new topic, at www.nihseniorhealth.gov/lifeaftercancer/toc.html, has tips for managing follow-up care and making positive adjustments to your lifestyle. You’ll learn about common changes to physical and emotional health and how to cope with them. You’ll also learn how surviving cancer might affect your relationships with family and friends. The site also describes how your age and health status can affect recovery and survival.

All information on NIHSeniorHealth (www.nihseniorhealth.gov) is based on the latest research in cognition and aging. Upcoming topics include periodontal disease, dry eye and collecting your family health history.