December 2011

  •  Illustration of a woman in a kitchen using “good” fat or low-fat foods.

    Weighing in on Dietary Fats

    Some Fats Are Healthier Than Others

    With the winter holidays upon us, you’ll likely be surrounded by family, friends and food. Favorite foods, though, can be high in fat. Learn which fats are naughty and which are nice to your health, so you can make smarter food choices.
  • Illustration of a man stretching.

    You’re Never Too Old

    Keep Active as You Age

    We’ve all heard that exercise is good for you. Did you know that it’s as true for older people as it is for any age group? You’re never too old to get moving, get stronger and improve your health.

Contributors to this issue: 

  • Barbara Cire
  • Vicki Contie
  • Bryan Ewsichek (design)
  • Harrison Wein