September 2012

  • Illustration of worried parents watching a young child reading a book.

    See, Hear, Speak

    Are Kids’ Senses Ready for School?

    Early classroom success depends on healthy hearing, vision, speech and language. If a child has problems in these areas, the sooner they’re spotted, the better they can be treated.
  • Illustration of a smiling teen driver with her mother in the passenger seat.

    Safe Driving for Distracted Teens

    Steering in the Right Direction

    Mile for mile, teens are involved in 3 times as many fatal crashes as more experienced drivers. Why are young drivers so vulnerable to accidents and injuries? And what can we do to reduce their risk? NIH-funded researchers are looking for some answers.

Contributors to this issue: 

  • Vicki Contie
  • Helen Fields
  • Yasmine Kloth
  • Belle Waring
  • Harrison Wein