May 2017

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Spanish-Language Health Materials

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For people looking for reliable health material in Spanish, the amount of information on the web can be overwhelming. NIH prides itself on providing evidence-based health information to the public, and seeks to empower everyone with knowledge about their health. This is particularly important in Spanish-speaking communities that are disproportionally affected by certain illnesses and diseases.

The NIH Spanish Health Information Portal offers a wealth of free, science-based health information in Spanish, from across NIH in one place. The mobile-friendly site includes translations of many health articles from NIH News in Health and clinical trials information from the Clinical Research Trials and You website. It also features a monthly column called Ask Carla (Pregunta a Carla), designed for readers to ask their own questions about NIH’s Spanish-language resources.

The Spanish portal now offers a free monthly e-newsletter featuring NIH health information in Spanish on topics from allergies to Zika. Each month, the e-newsletter highlights new resources for the Spanish-speaking public and their friends and family members.

You can visit the portal and sign up for the newsletter at!

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