May 2018

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Health Capsule

Palliative Care For Serious Illness

Palliative care is more than end-of-life care. It’s an added layer of care to support and improve the quality of life for someone with a serious illness. You receive palliative care in addition to your treatments. This type of care is also known as comfort care, symptom management, or supportive care.

Palliative care considers all aspects of your care. It isn’t only for treating pain and physical problems. It also provides help for coping with the psychological, spiritual, and social challenges of a serious illness.

NIH offers a text-messaging service for people who want to learn more about palliative care. The service is for those who need palliative care, family members, and other caregivers, too.

The text messages provide information about the benefits of palliative care and resources on how to manage the symptoms of a serious illness.

Visit MedlinePlus: Palliative Care Texts to learn how to sign up. The service is free, but standard message and data rates may apply. Your phone number won’t be sold, shared, or used for any commercial purposes.