May 2019

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Health Capsule

Getting a Genetic Test

Your doctor may suggest a genetic test to detect your risk of certain health problems, such as cancer. If you have symptoms of a disease, a genetic test may help with diagnosis.

Genetic testing looks for changes in genes. It’s usually done in a lab using a blood sample. Thousands of genetic tests are currently available.

Deciding whether to get a genetic test isn’t easy. It’s important to consider what you may learn. Test results can be a relief. They may give you peace of mind to know that you don’t carry a genetic change linked to a certain disease.

But test results can be alarming, too. Learning that you’re at risk of developing a certain disease may make the future seem uncertain. Keep in mind that such results may not mean that you’ll get that disease.

Genetic counselors are one type of health professional who can help you understand the risks and benefits of genetic testing. Your doctor may refer you to one. They can help you decide whether to undergo testing. And they can help explain what test results mean.

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