December 2023

  • Illustration of people at a restaurant with clouds representing airborne viruses in the air.

    Clearing the Air

    All About Airborne Viruses

    Cold and flu season is here. You can protect yourself, and your loved ones too, by understanding how these viruses spread through the air. Learn how to stop these nasty germs in their tracks!
  • Illustration of a grandmother and granddaughter snuggling up under a blanket reading a book on a winter day.

    The Hazards of Hypothermia

    Stay Warm in Cold Weather

    Winter brings many opportunities for cold-weather fun. But it can also bring dangerously frosty temperatures. Take steps this season to protect yourself from the cold—both indoors and outdoors.

Contributors to this issue: 

  • Vicki Contie
  • Brian Doctrow
  • Tianna Hicklin