August 2012

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Health Capsule

Considering Hip Replacement?

Hip replacement is an operation in which a damaged hip joint is removed and replaced with an artificial joint. If you or someone you know is considering hip replacement, you can learn more about this surgery at, a website for older adults.

The new hip replacement topic at describes some of the reasons for having the surgery, how to prepare for and recover from it, and ways to avoid complications.

Making a decision to have hip replacement can be difficult. “Surgery of any type involves risk,” says Dr. Stephen I. Katz, director of NIH’s National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. “But if less invasive treatments such as medications and physical therapy have not helped, hip replacement has proven to be an effective way to relieve pain and restore function.”

The hip replacement topic on the NIHSeniorHealth site joins nearly 60 other research-based health topics of interest to older adults. Additional topics include physical activity, disorders such as stroke and Alzheimer’s disease and safe use of medicines.