August 2012

  • Illustration of a man steadying himself with a cane while reaching for a bottle on a grocery store shelf.

    Dizziness Can Be a Drag

    Coping with Balance Disorders

    Most people feel dizzy now and then. But if that feeling persists or interferes with your daily life, it could be a sign of a balance disorder.
  • Illustration of a woman looking into a mirror and touching blotches on her face.

    Red in the Face

    Understanding Rosacea

    Some people think of a rosy complexion as a sign of good health. But red patches on the face may point to something more troubling—a long-lasting skin disorder called rosacea.

Contributors to this issue: 

  • Vicki Contie
  • Heather Dolan
  • Belle Waring
  • Harrison Wein