June 2014

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Health Capsule

Videos and Eye Health Resources for Kids

Ever wonder how optical illusions work? Are you curious about colorblindness? Do you have an inquisitive mind? Curiosity is a key ingredient to becoming a scientist.

A series of brief, kid-friendly videos from NIH answers children’s questions about becoming a scientist and the variety of jobs researchers can do. The online “Ask a Scientist” videos use fun animations and graphics to teach children about vision and science.

You can find additional eye-related resources for children at nei.nih.gov/kids. Get details on sports-related eye safety. Link to an animated website that has easy-to-understand information about eye biology and the visual system. Educators can download a printable activity book, a “fun fact” calendar, and other resources targeted to children in elementary or middle school.

If you work with kids or have children of your own, consider adding these resources to your activities, and share them with your colleagues. Let children know: It’s never too early to start taking care of your eyes.