March 2018

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Health Capsule

How to Find Alcohol Treatment

Experts estimate that millions of Americans could benefit from treatment for an alcohol problem, but most don’t get it.

To make it easier to find help, NIH’s National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism developed the NIAAA Alcohol Treatment Navigator. You can use it to find help for yourself or a family member or friend.

Alcohol use disorder is a health condition that can improve with treatment. But the same treatment path doesn’t work for everyone. Searching for the right treatment can be complicated.

The navigator makes this complicated process easier by explaining what you need to know to recognize and choose quality care. It describes how to find addiction therapists, treatment programs, and board-certified doctors.

The navigator also offers tips for spotting the signs of quality treatment. It can help you become an informed consumer when considering which alcohol treatment services are right for you. Visit